Scott Havens (left) | Marc Sanchez (right)

Scott Havens (left) | Marc Sanchez (right)

Shapers of the Unused

Reeco is a collaboration of two shapers/glassers, Marc Sanchez and Scott Havens, who were concerned with issues of waste and sustainability in the surf industry, so they set out to create something different.

What started as a way to save money by using discarded surfboards while learning the basics of shaping in 2009, Marc and Scott embraced the upcycling process, and continued to refine their craft until Reeco officially set up shop in 2012. Reeco has been exclusively repurposing what were essentially dumpster boards into beautiful new surfboards ever since.

From construction of upcycled foam blanks, to shaping and glassing, all the materials are sourced locally in San Diego. As long time residents of Ocean Beach, their shapes are a reflection of the different types of waves that are on tap locally and perform best when being surfed in San Diego County.

Reeco partnered with a local surfboard repair shop, Coconut Peet’s, and Rerip—a nonprofit who collects unwanted surfboards that are either repaired by Coconut Peet’s and donated to those in need, or they are given to organizations like Reeco who upcycle the once-deemed useless surfboard into a functional piece of art.

As a result, Marc and Scott are able to tap into the abundance of discarded boards that are in San Diego. This closed-loop model enables Reeco to achieve their goals of keeping surfboards out of landfills, making use of materials that would otherwise go to waste, and promoting the process of upcycling not only in surfing, but in other industries as well.